Workspace - A Work In Progress

For the last little while I've been spending time reworking my workspace at home. Switched the bedroom and workspace around for more natural light and replaced a few pieces of furniture. The walls are still empty though, but I'm hoping to have something up soon. Anyways, here's a look at it so far. 

Uninspired - I'm In a Creative Funk.

I've been in a creative funk lately. Not sure what to shoot, not sure which photos to share. I'm not seeing much through my lens, and everything seems pretty dull. I think as photographers, it's only natural to go through these stages of creative slumps, and when we break out, it's when our creativity and our photography truly grows. 

I like to think I take pretty nice photos, and that seems to be precisely the problem. They're "pretty nice", but not unique. So as of now, I'm on a quest in searching for my own style. I will shoot what I like.

Maybe these few photos below is a start.

Spontaneous Sunrise

It looks like spring has finally arrived. Spontaneously made a short trek to Fort Henry for this morning's sunrise - wasn't sure what we would get, but found quite a neat spot. Usually sunrises are shown in color right? So why not black and white this time.