Cinque Terre - Italy

Cinque Terre? When people think of travelling Italy, the places that often come to mind are Rome, Venice, and Milan. Add Cinque Terre to that list please. Cinque Terre was definitely my favorite location throughout my Italy trip, and I think most of those that travelled with me would agree. 

Cinque Terre encompasses five small towns located on the west coast of Italy, all five are similar in many ways (ie. the colorful houses), but they are also unique in other aspects so visiting all of them is a must. If you love hiking, then Cinque Terre is definitely for you. There are hiking paths connecting each of the towns, and the view is incredible. Trains are also available if that suits you. 

We were so fortunate to have run into nice weather during the 2 days we were in Cinque Terre, blue skies and clear waters really did make a difference. Photos below.