Venice - Italy

Who has never wanted to visit Venice? The idea of a city on water instantly catches our attention. A few weeks ago I finally stepped foot on Venice myself and it was truly an unique experience. 

We spent one full day exploring Venice and another day touring the smaller islands around Venice. We not only experienced the gondola ride but also tried one of the best pasta stores. The pasta is so popular that the store was forced to take down all their signage and have their windows frosted. I'm not sure if this is Italy is a free market after-all. Regardless, the 6 euro pasta takeout was honestly the best pasta I've had in my life and prompted us to go back a second and third time. One morning I woke up early around 6am to see the canals at sunrise and by 10am I had already walked through most of Venice. If you were ever to visit, I would recommend the Generator Hostel as the experience there was top-notch. 

On the second day, we explored the islands of Murano, Burano, and Torcello. The most memorable location was definitely Burano. Every single house on this little island was painted with a bright color, creating an almost fairytale experience as you stroll though it.