Belgium: Brussles & Bruges

After a couple of days in Amsterdam, my journey continued to Belgium, the land of waffles and beer. The first stop was Brussels, which to this time I have no idea what it is famous for, except for waffles and beer. I guess there's the little peeing boy, which you will not see in my photos, as it was a disappointment. After spending a night in Brussels, I headed onward to Bruge, a small but beautiful town. Bruge really gives the historical vibe I've been looking for. It's extremely quiet and peaceful, allowing me to simply stroll the streets and look for images.  

Throughout the days in Belgium, I would say the biggest highlight would be the food. In Brussels my dinner was simply a bucket of mussels, and how could you get sick of the Belgian waffles?! 

Travelling is definitely tiring. Thinking of spending the next weekend in Paris. Or actually, how does Morocco sound?