Life in 4th Year

Scattered & random morning thoughts:

It's hard to imagine that we're 3 weeks from the end of the semester. The final year of university is no doubt interesting. In fact, time periods that lead into transition are often difficult to describe with words. It's that bittersweet feeling from the eagerness to move onto what life has in store, mixed with the thought that things will never be the same. Regardless of how much we think we have our future figured out, our true knowledge of what's to come is pretty much non-existent. 

Where will I be in 2 years? What will I be doing? Who knows. 

I guess for now, it's just important for me to cherish every moment I have and fulfill my duties. To take life day by day. 

Why does this post sound so depressing. haha. It's really shouldn't be, I'm extremely thankful and excited for it all.