What camera should you buy?

Many people have come up to me asking "what camera should I buy?" I'd like to share my thoughts on what camera you should purchase. In no way is this a comprehensive comparison of all the options on the market, nor do I expect everyone to choose these cameras. If you're still interested in my recommendations, then read on. 

The most common question I get is "which DSLR should I buy?" and my response is often "why do you want a DSLR?." There's often a misconception that DSLR takes photos of better quality just because of their size, but in reality many mirrrorless cameras take better photos than DSLRs at half the size and weight. 

Today I'm not going to recommend a Canon Rebel T5i or a Nikon D3300, but I'm going to recommend a few cameras that are fairly new to the market in Fuji X-series family, more specifically the X-E2. 

Personally I own an Fujifilm X-T1 and it's the camera I shoot with the most and the camera that will accompany to Europe next year, along with the XF-14mm f/2.8 and XF-23mm f/1.4 lenses. 

The Fuji X-T1 is personally my favourite camera. 

The Fuji X-T1 is personally my favourite camera. 


5 Reasons to buy a FujiFilm X Series Camera

1. Portability

I think the image below says it all, but the Fuji system is far more portable than any DSLR. The size and weight difference might not seem like a big deal at first, but after owning a Fuji, I've taken out my camera out far more often. Whether it's just a walk around the city, or a trip to Europe, the Fuji will save you weight and make you want to take more photos. 

   Size comparison of Canon's 5D Mark iii vs Fuji X-E2

   Size comparison of Canon's 5D Mark iii vs Fuji X-E2

2. Build Quality

Despite being priced above the price points of entry-level DSLRs, The XE, and XT series cameras are built of solid metal, making holding the camera a pleasure. The Fujis in terms of build quality compared to entry level DSLRs is like a comparison between Apple products and other electronic manufacturers. It simply feels different. 

3. Unique Photo Quality & Fuji Colours

The image quality of these Fuji cameras rival those of the $3000 DSLRs. The amount of detail you get from the Fujis is incredible, but most importantly, Fuji images have a colour rendering to them that is unmatched by any other camera manufacturer. Just take a look at this photo and the tones it produces, straight out of the camera without any editing. 

Straight of of the camera shot with a Fuji X-T1 & Fuji XF 14mm f/2.8 lens.

Straight of of the camera shot with a Fuji X-T1 & Fuji XF 14mm f/2.8 lens.

4. Fuji Lenses

Fuji's X series camera system has a whole lineup of high quality, professional grade lenses. If you decide you need additional lenses as your photography grows, there's definitely a lens for you. What most people don't know is that Fuji makes high end lenses for high-end video cameras and space equipment, so they know how to make great lenses. 


5. Looks

These cameras are simply sexy. You won't find better looking cameras on the market unless you're buying a Leica. Throw a vintage leather strap on it and your camera becomes a fashion accessory. 

Tell me it looks ugly. (Fuji X-T1 + XF 23mm + XF 14mm)

Tell me it looks ugly. (Fuji X-T1 + XF 23mm + XF 14mm)


Whether you're seeking to start out in photography, looking for a camera for travels or if you're finding yourself dreading the weight of your DSLR, I would encourage you to check out the Fuji system. If you simply aren't impressed with the Fuji mirror-less system for whatever reason, also check out the Sony a6000. But if I were you, I would grab a Fuji. 

Recommended Kits

The following are kits I recommend. All of these cameras have the same image sensor, meaning that the images taken will all be relatively similar in terms of quality.

The best bang for your buck would be the Fuji X-E2 + XF 18-55mm Kit ($1099).  

The XT-1 is the flagship camera of the Fuji lineup, if you've got the budget, go for it. But for much less you can purchase a equally capable camera with the same lens in the X-E2 and that's what I recommend as with the extra money you can pick up another lens. Finally, if you're on a tight budget, you can't go wrong with the X-A1, but it does come at a cost of reduced quality. 

Fuji X-T1 + XF 18-55mm Kit ($1759) (Amazon Link)

Fuji X-E2 + XF 18-55mm Kit ($1099) (Amazon Link)

Fuji X-A1 + XF 16-50mm Kit ($399) (Amazon Link)